About the Project

LESSONS ON FIRE is a platform which allows generating debates, sharing quality information, finding documents in an organised way, finding expert people, and/or asking a professional opinion about the integration of forest fires risk in the European landscape.

LESSONS ON FIRE tries to promote and facilitate the experiences and knowledge exchange among professionals in a local, regional, national and international level. This platform allows creating expert communities to generate debates about specific subjects, upload fields and documentation in an organised way to create a reference library, participate in the driectoy and get to know other professionals,  through a directory.

LESSONS ON FIRE was developed in the framework of the project FIREfficient: Operational tools for improving efficiency in wildfire risk reduction in EU landscapes. designed to publish the work of the wildfire communities and to be an example of validated information by the professionals themselves. The functioning of the platform has been thought to be self-managing and invigorated by the users – always under conditions of use.

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