D1.2. Report on current and future common capability challenges (CCCs and FCCCs) #2

By Mariona Borràs on

In the second cycle of the project, the associated experts of each task working group, i.e. “search & rescue & emergency medical response”, “structural fires”, “landscape fires”, “natural hazards” and “CBRNE”, revisited the matrix of Common Capability Challenges (CCCs) built after the first cycle of work. They discussed the subjects that they found the most challenging.

As part 2 of this report introduces the thematic of the five workshops, their comprehensive results are presented in appendix.

In part 3, we realise a cross analysis of the ten workshops (1st and 2nd cycle) results, illustrated with figures to highlight the challenges that have appeared the most frequently.

This gives rise to an inclusive list of top challenges for the responders, presented in the table in conclusion. This list clarifies the matrix of CCCs presented in the previous phase of the project.


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