D3.2. Results of the Request for ideas: mapping RTOs and industry potential, response and trends realted to FIRE-IN CCC/FCCCs #1

By Mariona Borràs on

The project FIRE-IN has been designed to identify capability gaps from the point of view of practitioners in the field of fire and rescue, and to fill these gaps by implementing a structured mechanism to identify existing solutions or define RDI capability challenges that should be addressed in future call for projects.

Based on the identification of the capability gaps in work package WP1 involving practitioners gathered in 5 thematic working groups (TWG) and the screening for solutions carried out in work package WP2, the work package WP3 Collaboration with research, industry and standardization bodies and recommendations” aims at developing the interactions with research, industry and standardization bodies to validate the identified gaps and help expressing the needs for future research, development and innovation.

The second Task of WP3, T3.2 Request for RDI ideas addressing CCCs and FCCCs and capitalisation of the feedback” concerns the implementation of the communication strategy with the industry, standardization bodies and RTOs aiming at the Request of Ideas realization.

The deliverable D3.2 presented herein describes the procedures and actions for interacting with industry, standardization bodies and RTOs, taking into account the profile of the stakeholders and the first results of interaction with them, for the achievement of the RfI procedure. The work described in this deliverable is closely related and based on:

  • The background work carried out in T3.1 and described in D3.1;
  • The interactions with the WP1 and WP2, in particular the CCC and FCCC definition and the screening of possible solutions;
  • The supporting tools, material and dissemination actions of WP4, in particular the 2nd FIRE-IN Dissemination Workshop that took place on May 15 in Barcelona.


This deliverable D3.2 is organised in three (3) parts.

  1. The first part describes the Background of the Request of Ideas procedure is described, concerning the analysis of prerequisites for the “Request of Ideas’ and the first-cycle application of the Traffic Light System on technologies, which was proposed in D3.1.
  2. The second part concerns the applied tools, methods and actions for establishment of communication with the WP3 stakeholders and their engagement in FIRE-IN project, based on their profile and specific characteristics.
  3. The third part presents the 1st cycle results of the RfI procedure including the outcomes of T3.2 from the FIRE-IN 2nd Dissemination Conference in Barcelona.
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