NetRiskWork: Task C; Deliverable 8 - Proceedings of the 1st Natural Hazard Risk Management Workshop

By Marcel_Guarque on

Under several climate change scenarios, all European countries seem to undergo increased risk of different natural disasters. This expected trend will affect areas that historically have not experienced significant impact from a specific natural hazard; a large proportion of damage is likely to be related not only with high-severity events but also with new hazards interactions (new risks coming up and influencing existing ones as wildfires affecting mountain forests increasing avalanche risk).

The workshop wants to provide a meeting and discussion space on expert knowledge about wildfires, floods, storms and avalanches risks, with the following specific objectives;

  • Identify management and reduction strategy challenges of main risks in a climate change context.
  • Explore how different risks are interacting and what can be used from lessons learned between regions and other risks' best practices and operational tools.
  • Highlight the fundamentals for facing an inclusive risk cycle management under the Civil Protection objectives
  • Promote networking and knowledge exchange on different natural hazards at European level

The workshop agenda includes sessions with key note conferences as well as discussion group sessions conducted by moderators. The aim is to deliver conclusions in a structured way, following common transverse components of the risk management cycle, referring to risk assessment and planning, cost-effectiveness, governance and communication. A final fieldtrip will serve to analyze the case of wildfire and flood risks in the region. An active participation of the invited attendants is expected. 

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