Wildfire statistics for England 2009-10 to 2016-17

By Pau Costa Foundation on

This Forestry Commission England Wildfire Statistics for England, 2009-10 to 2016-17 provides statistics and maps covering all wildfire incidents attended by the Fire and Rescue Services in England in these 8 years, as recorded in the Home Office’s Incident Recording System.

The report summarises a) all wildfires in total, b) woodland fires, and c) non-woodland fires (i.e. wildfires on other land cover classes), with disaggregation by types of National Forest Inventory woodland, and separate Land Cover Map classes. It covers the numbers of wildfire incidents, their sizes by land area burnt, their time duration, and their location within England.

The report includes description of the wildfires within land with an environmental designation, such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest and National Parks.

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