Fire Congress 2021 Life with Fire: Prescriptions for Resilience (Miramar Beach, Florida Beach USA)

By Pau Costa Foundation

30 November 2021 to 4 December 2021
Wildfire awareness

Life with Fire: Prescriptions for Resilience 

More prescribed fire, cultural burning, and beneficial wildfires are urgently needed to manage the escalating magnitude of wildfire impacts on society and to achieve conservation goals in landscapes around the world. The 2021 Fire Congress will bring the wildland fire community together to discuss strategies to sustain native wildlife and biodiversity, enhance ecosystem services and resilience, mitigate climate change impacts, and reduce undesirable impacts on human and natural communities. Participants are encouraged to share and explore proactive solutions that connect research to desired fire management outcomes. While we encourage proposals related to the congress theme, we also accept proposals on a variety of wildland topics

Important Dates

March 15: Call for Proposals Opens
May 15: Workshop and Special Session Proposals Due
July 1: Registration Opens
August 1: Oral Presentation and Fire Circle Proposals Due
August 30: Poster Presentation and Attached Meetings Proposals Due