#PCFWebinar: Climate Change and Fire: focus on south eastern Australia

By Pau Costa Foundation

18 February 2021
Wildfires and climate change / Incendios Forestales y Cambio Climático

On Wednesday, February 17th at 11 a.m. (CET) and 9 p.m. in Melbourne (Australia), Dr. Sarah Harris (Manager Research & Development-CFA) will give an outline of the fire agency driven research and development into observed and projected fire weather. Harris will explore the implication of these changes for wildfire management.


Fire weather in Victoria has changed over recent decades and these changes are projected to continue. Land management and fire agency risk managers planning for future regional resource requirements and wildfire management strategies as well as exploring land management adaptation options, need to understand the variability and trends in observed fire weather and require estimates of future fire weather and danger trends and associated uncertainty at spatial and temporal resolutions sufficiently high to meet their needs.


Dr Sarah Harris is the Manager Research and Development at Country Fire Authority (CFA). Sarah has 15 years’ experience in fire and climate science through her time at Monash University, Victorian fire agencies and NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Sarah’s research focuses on the variability and change in fire weather, climate-wildfire links and prediction of seasonal wildfire activity and using remotely sensed data in wildfire applications.


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