How to use the platform

LESSONS ON FIRE has been created with the main objectives of sharing knowledge, learning from successful cases and mistakes and not putting administrative limits to participation. It is an open platform, where the users are responsible of the uploaded documents and the content of the generated debates; it is for that reason that the administrators cannot guarantee the information reliability.

Check the main actions you can do in Lessons on Fire:

Basic rules

  • Label the discussions and documents in the most appropriate way to allow other user locating the information easily.
  • Use the directory as a data base to find experts, not just only and exclusively for commercial purposes.
  • Not assault verbally or insult anyone; the platform is thought to generate and encourage debates and to make each person feel comfortable to participate and give opinion.
  • Avoid sharing commercial information in the debates and documents. You can directly contact people to give them information.
  • Avoid using the debates as a chat room, sending comments such as ‘Thank you’ or ‘Me too’ to the whole community.
  • Remember that everything published will be public; watch the committed information.
  • Remember people can use your published information, unless you suggest the opposite.
  • Avoid sending messages to the platform administrators to carry out actions which can be made from the platform itself, such as unregistering or changing the password.