Action areas enlargement of large fires prevention plan of Matadepera municipality

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The municipality of Matadepera (Barcelona province) has one Forest Defence Association (ADF, see Institution 10 of Catalonia) with more than 25 years of experience.

The municipality has part of their territory in a Natural Park protected (Natura 2000) and has different projects promoted by the ADF, highlighting the Large Fires Prevention Project.

The Project was enlarged to improve the efficiency and effectiveness in the emergency management by large forest fires.

Different areas of action are defined in a supra-municipal scale through a joint plan between different owners’ associations that determines some of actions included in the Large Fires Prevention Plan. This, was an opportunity to enlarge the wildfire prevention infrastructures on a larger scale.

The ADF of Matadepera promoted the recovery of extensive grazing of sheep and goats to maintain these infrastructures (that implies a reduction of the fuel mass) through a specific contract with the cattle ranchers, that was an opportunity to comply with two objectives at the same time (recovery of the traditional grazing on the territory and maintaining the infrastructures with less mechanical work). As a part of the management, the ADF is in charge of till and sow some crops to produce meal for the cattle.

With this cattle, that are doing wildfire prevention actions, is stablished a proximity market line that is selling the meat.

This initiative was selected in 2019 as a prize-winner of different initiatives in wildfire prevention. The award was promoted by the Barcelona Province Authority to recognise the best wildfire prevention initiatives in Barcelona province.