Priority Protection Perimeters of Forest Areas (PPP)

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The PPP are territorial areas (normally at forest massif level, and limited by big infrastructures as highways, for example) with a high wildfire risk and that, due to the continuity of the forest mass, may suffer fires that become a large forest fire (defined as greater than 500 ha). The main objective is to plan the necessary measures in those areas that constitutes a sufficiently broad unit of action to allow planning with an "integrative vision", defining and identifying the strategic prevention infrastructures for the whole area (designed in a project of a wildfire prevention infrastructures). Each PPP has its own Prevention Project.

Normally, the Prevention project of PPP includes the Strategic Points designed by the Catalan Fire Service, among other prevention infrastructures. These strategic points are areas where the fire behaviour can change and their treatment as a prevention infrastructure could be an opportunity to reduce the large fire potential. These points can be created reducing the fuel mass by mechanical works, or can be territorial infrastructures that are in the territory, as croplands.

The case of PPP ET2 “Tivissa-Vandellòs-Llaberia-Pradell” has a vineyard sector associated to different municipalities included in the Apellation of Origin of Montsant. Some strategic points for fire prevention served for creating new vineyard crops, and reinforcing the existing ones with water points and other facilities. Wineries from Montsant are promoting the contribution of wine consumption to the fire prevention and conservation of the landscape. 

There are 34 PPP designed in Catalonia. Each one has its own Project of a Wildfire Prevention Infrastructures.