Rebanhos da Serra do Açor-Rabadão

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Private initiative of a couple that rented a communal land to raise goats, to produce dairy products using local agricultural products, to maintain the primary firebreaks network, with the ultimate goal of being a living and practical experience of sustainability and integration with the environment. The project has 3 pillars: environment, fire management and forestry production.

It will show forestry producers profitable options for maintaining the forest and the firebreaks in eucalyptus and conifers plantations. It will also show the benefits of integrating pastures (irrigated and non-irrigated) to have high quality forestry production.

The academic field will be represented in the project by helping to think and define how to improve the agricultural and forest holdings, contributing to the local development. It will likely be created a flock of sapper-goats for fuel management around Gois town, showing community a profitable alternative to fuel management machines.
The interaction with the community and the pedagogical perspective will be developed through visits, collaboration with the municipality, and workshops with interested entities and for the public, especially for the local community.