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Bostenaru Dan
"Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism
I graduated at the University of Karlsruhe (TH) as an engineer in architecture. Afterwards I was research assistant and DFG fellow in Karlsruhe in research on natural disasters. Since then I am first convening then co-convening a session on natural hazards' impact on urban areas and infrastructure at the EGU. I moved from Karlsruhe to Pavia temporarily for Marie Curie projects on risk management and decision for early 20th century buildings subjected to earthquakes. After such 7 years of research abroad I returned to Romania where I am permanently employed as a researcher, first 4 years in conservation restoration and then in urban and landscape design. I continued working with risks in different contexts, such as being employed as research assistant in two geography projects, doing the doctorate in architecture and then a postdoc in geography, co-teaching a master course on protection of localities against risks and more recently starting a cooperation with Hungary in the field. I also hope to further cooperate with Pavia.
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Training, Research and Development
Cost-effectiveness assessment
Perception, culture of risk and communication
Risk assessment and planning
Risk governance
Wildland urban interface
Department of Urban and Landscape Design
Academiei 18-20
010014 Bucharest