PHAROS - Project on a Multi Hazard Open Platform for Satellite Based Downstream Services

Admin: Núria Prat

PHAROS is an innovative multi-hazard open service platform which integrates space-based observation, satellite communications and navigation (Galileo/GNSS) assets and aims at providing sustainable (pre-operational) services for a wide variety of users in multi-application domains. Examples of these services are prediction/early detection of emergencies, population alerting, environmental monitoring, crisis management and risk management, where a variety of different users can be the recipients of such services, such as crisis managers, operators of critical infrastructures, insurance companies and academic/research institutions.

PHAROS is a prototiype of a multi-hazard platform, modular and scalable. The platform can address different types of hazards, ranging from tsunami to earthquake or flood alert. The forest fire case is being used as exemplary scenario for the system design and implementation, as well as for the pilot preparation and demonstration.

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