MeFiTu y Jara (Project: Approaching to wildfires)

By Celia Conde on

Approaching wildfires is a set of three different actions that aim to educate and raise citizens' awarness about wildifires which  has been made possible thanks to the collaboration of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology - Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities and Obra Social La Caixa. This project is motivated by our concern regarding  the great ignorance that the society still has in relation to wildfires. Furthermore, through these actions we wanted to transmit the scientific results from different disciplines such as ecology, physics or fire modelling.

In any case, we always had it clear that we wanted to include the entire population in the project, from the youngest to the oldest. Therefore, each of the three actions is aimed at a certain type of audience and even goes beyond linguistic and cultural borders, as in the case of the art exhibition.

The actions that are now ready for you to enjoy learning about forest fires are the following:

1.- Cartoons for children from 3 to 12 years old, available in Spanish and English, and in Spanish sign language and international system: Discovering the fire with MeFiTu and Jara

2.- Virtual exhibition of forest fires: Fire vs. Fire

3.- Teaching guide on environmental education in relation to wildfires aimed at teachers, parents and mothers to educate children and young people: Version in Spanish and English version. Those interested in downloading the Guide, please, write to