Blueprint for Wildland Fire Science in Canada

By harrisonrainewf on

This report is the 10 Year Plan for wildland fire research in Canada. It outlines the main priorities for research such as: Understanding Fire in a Changing World, Recognizing Indigenous Knowledge, Building Resilient Communities and Infrastructure, Managing Ecosystems, Delivering Innovative Fire Management Solutions, and Reducing the Effects of Wildland Fire on Canadians.  The blueprint also describes steps for implementing necessary steps to address these themes.


The capacity of wildland fire science and technology in Canada is not keeping pace with the growing complexity of wildland fire. Fire seasons are becoming longer, fire events are becoming more severe, and experts predict that the area burned on an annual basis could double by the end of this century. However, wildfire research programs have declined, existing academic wildland fire science programs are limited, and a large cohort of experts has begun to retire. This research gap puts future public safety and security at risk. National wildland fire research capacity, which includes human resources, financial investments, and other supports for science, must be increased to inform the ways fire events are managed, communities are built, and preparations for emergencies are made. The Blueprint for Wildland Fire Science in Canada (2019–2029) presents a business case to increase investment in wildland fire science. Developed by a pan-Canadian team of experts, the Blueprint makes a number of recommendations to enhance the capacity of research over the coming decade.


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