D1.2 Report on current and future common capability challenges #1

By Mariona Borràs on

In a first cycle of the project’s process, expert practitioners in the different fields of F&R were registered throughout Europe. In February and March 2018, these experts participated in five thematic workshops:

a. Search and Rescue (SAR) and Emergency Medical Response (EMR).

b. Structure fires crisis mitigation, prevention and protection.

c. Vegetation fires crisis mitigation.

d. Natural Disasters crisis mitigation.

e. CBRNE crisis mitigation.


These workshops followed a structured method so that the experts identified the capability gaps from crisis scenarios established by the workshops facilitators.

When considering the results of the workshops, commonalities appeared; they are called Common Capability Challenges (CCCs). As these CCCs are expected to pave the way for the next stages of FIRE-IN, i.e. the existing solution screening and the request for ideas to research and industry, their wording has to fit with commonly accepted challenges. Therefore, we looked at linkages between CCCs identified in FIRE-IN and challenges already pointed out by other structuring initiatives such as the Sendai framework3 or the International Forum to Advance First Responder Innovation (https://internationalresponderforum.org/).

The first part of this deliverable displays the results of the five thematic workshops. The second part of the deliverable presents how we organized the results in Common Capability Challenges (CCCs). The third part establishes the linkages with other structuring initiatives.

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