D2.4: Analysis report on specific requirements of large-scale evacuations in case of wildfires (T2.4)

By Pau Costa Foundation on

This document represents Deliverable 2.4 for Task 2.4 and is concerned with identifying the key requirements for evacuation modelling tools as perceived by the authorities involved in planning and real-time management of urbanscale evacuation resulting from wildfires. The document first describes the methodology (interview questionnaire and on-line survey) for collecting the data from fire authorities and disaster management organisations that have experience of managing large-scale evacuations associated with wildfires. The secondments implemented to achieve the objectives of Task 2.4 are described next which is followed by a detailed analysis of the data. Finally, a set of conclusions are presented which includes 22 key evacuation modelling requirements as perceived by end-users from 18 organisations in six countries

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