D3.5 Final Strategic Research and Standardisation Agenda #1

By Mariona Borràs on

One of the main objectives of FIRE-IN project is to provide recommendations to develop research and standardization that is aligned with both practitioners’ needs and research and technology developers (RTD)’ capabilities. Therefore it can only happen after a full cycle of the project is completed: i) identification of challenges from the practitioners’ perspective; ii) screening of existing solutions; iii) consultation with industry and research networks.

The final objective is to provide inputs for the European Commission to build the roadmap of research and standardization in the field of fire and rescue. As the FIRE-IN project is made of three cycles, this deliverable delivers the first cycle’s results.

In the first part, we detailed the process used to select operational priorities. We firstly identified top six challenges from practitioners’ workshops outputs; then we assessed windows for innovation from the screening of the RDI and the gap analysis done in WP2; finally we interacted with RTD actors and networks to get feedback on potentialities and industrialization capabilities. At the end of this first part, we did a special focus on standardization matters, as the concept itself covers different items, which require to be detailed.

In the second part, we structured recommendations into action sheets to frame research and innovation regarding the two key topics identified: ‘Foster risk tolerance and resilience’ and ‘Boost interaction with public during crises’.

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