Decision Support Service (D3.8)

By Pau Costa Foundation on

Deliverable D3.8 provides the report of implementation carried out in task T3.3 Decision Support. With regard to specification and design of the Decision Support functionality implemented in the short-term approach of PHAROS, a detailed description is contained in the deliverables D3.6 (draft) [4] and D3.7 (final) [8]. Therefore, to get an overview and a complete work description of task T3.3, please refer to the deliverable D3.7 (final) [8]. Beside T3.3, the tasks T3.1 (Information Fusion and Situation Assessment) and T3.5 (shared Common Operational Picture) contributed to the implementation work described here.

This deliverable D3.8 focuses on the implementation work and testing of the DSS-DS. Another emphasis is on the comparison of the technical requirements with the according implementation.

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