Designing Change: Collserola wildfire landscapes

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Session: Fire prevention and preparedness

Presenter: Pepa Moran (DUOT-ETSAB-UPC, Master in Landscape Architecture ETSAB-UPC)

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MBLandArch focuses on the academic approach of landscape architecture ranging from a projective exploration to contemporary topics of our environment. Merging both practice and theory, it considers inherent perspectives such as landscape ecology, humanistic disciplines and the construction of public space, among others.

The main aim is to make landscape architects question contemporary topics such as climate change in the Mediterranean Region, the parameterization of ecosystem values in landscape, the recognition of metropolitan emerging spaces, as well as participative processes.

The programme is based on site knowledge and time specificity. Therefore, it enhances cartographic representation and landscape construction materiality, exploring its development and different strategies which nurture the dialogue between public administrations and the territory actors.


ABSTRACT: The case study explores wildfires as landscape dynamics in  Collserola Area, questioning the limits of the concept of disturbance and integrating forest fires into landscape planning in Mediterranean landscapes. The aim of the representation of wildfires is to transmit the linguistic risk code and make it visible, entering a useful and informative debate that allows us to make decisions. On the other hand, representation, understood as a communication tool, helps as to generate scenarios and anticipate situations that can establish dialogue and consensus among tangentially linked sectors of society.

The methodology studies the current situation of vulnerability of  the study  area as well as  Collserola wildfires dynamic condition, to generate a projective proposal that increases the resilient capacity of  Collserola landscape.

The main objective of the landscape project is to generate a more resilient and resistant landscape architecture that integrates fires as a dynamic of transformation and change in the landscape and reduces vulnerability to large forest fires.

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