Fire, forest management and soil effects

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Session: Fire prevention and preparedness

Presenter: Xavier Úbeda (GRAM (Mediterranean Environmental Research Group), Universitat de Barcelona)

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Wildfires, soil properties, environmental research, vegetation recovery, social perception


ABSTRACT: The GRAM (Mediterranean Environmental Research Group) has been working since 1992 on issues related to forests, different land uses and the evolution of different rural and forest spaces over time. We have investigated the consequences of forest fires and the different intensities of fire in the physical and chemical soil properties, in its hydrology and plant succession. Since 2000 we have been investigating the effects of prescribed fires on different land uses and the short, medium and long term effects of this management tool on the properties of soil and vegetation. We have also tested how different pre and post fire managements have on soil characteristics. Recently we analyse the introduction of livestock and the effects of the soil parameters. The aim is to assess the affectation and the quality of the soil. We are also interested in how it is perceived this forest management and the evolution of rural and forest areas by people who lives there. Our study areas are spread across Catalonia and in different land uses and rock types, which is interesting to make a general assessment. We believe that forest management and the use of tools for the management of natural spaces are necessary. The time, manner and moments of these management applications is a key issue to know the consequences that they can have on the environment.

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