Fire use practices and regulation in Europe: Towards a Fire Framework Directive

By crismont_260

The potential of using fire wisely for different management purposes is receiving recent and growing recognition in Europe. After decades of fire exclusion some countries are considering the fire use regulation in the context of forest policy and different territorial policies. On the other hand, there are European rural communities with a fire culture which depend on the use of fire for its welfare.

The regulation of fire use practices in Europe adopts a wide variety of formulas: from a controlled burning with no written plans supported by codes of practices, to a prescribed fire with detailed prescriptions adopted in a plan. Besides, fire-relying communities need legislative frameworks which contemplate and regulate their fire use activities as well as reduce un-wanted ignitions through the development of social prevention programs.

Considering the existing diversity of fire use practices in Europe, according with the management objectives, the influencing factors and the kind of regulations, a new Fire Framework Directive has been proposed in the context of Fire Paradox project for starting a shift in fire policies towards integrated fire management.

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