Information Fusion and Situation Assessment Specification - Final (D3.2)

By Pau Costa Foundation on

This document provides a report of the work carried out in Task 3.1 Information Fusion and Situation Assessment. It presents the specification and design of the situation assessment services and the information fusion functionality implemented in the short-term approach of PHAROS, having in mind the long-term multi-hazard approach of PHAROS.

This deliverable D3.2 is an updated and extended version of the draft specification described in deliverable D3.1 [38].

The work that led to the specifications in D3.1 and this document has been conducted in the following tasks of the PHAROS project:

  • Task 3.1 and 3.3 which generated the overall DSS architecture (see section 4) as a joint basis for the subsequent developments in Tasks 3.1, 3.3 and 3.5,
  • Task 3.1 with regard to the development of all DSS services except the DSS decision support service (DSS-DS) which is described in separate deliverables D3.6 and D3.7,
  • Task 3.5 dealing with the specification of a format for the interoperable exchange of situational awareness information (shared Common Operational Picture, sCOP).

As already stated in D3.1 the incident management functionality that needs to be covered according to the requirements of the end users and the Advisory Board (AB) has been allocated to Task 3.1 and is therefore covered in D3.1 and this deliverable.

The structure of D3.2 remained unchanged from D3.1: after the description of relevant technical requirements (section 3) the overall DSS architecture is presented in section 4; the following three sections contain the description and service specification of the Incident Management (section 5), the Information Fusion and Situation Assessment services (section 1 and the sCOP format (section 7). The interfaces for all services described in this deliverable are specified in section 8 of the document.

Continued work on the details of the DSS set of services, extensive coordination among the developers of partnering PHAROS services and components and the specification of the sCOP format led to numerous updates of D3.1, including:

  • A detailed overview of required data for situation assessment, including data availability (see section 3.4),
  • Updated and extended specifications of the individual DSS services,
  • New DSS services required for simulation tasking (DSS-SM, see section 5.8),
  • A specification of the sCOP format based on the TSO and A-COP formats (see section 7.3), and
  • Updated and extended interface descriptions (see section 8).
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