Journalists' Panel: Disaster reporting across continents and cultures

By Pau Costa Foundation on

Watch the Gender Justice in Disaster conference’s second April Lead-In session!

This in-depth video covers how to report on a disaster that is ‘the worst day’ of many people’s lives. Whether bushfire, floods, or pandemics, reporting is essential, yet at the same time, is an ethical minefield.

The context is fraught with deadlines and high stakes, including individual impacts and the long-term of disaster recovery and resilience.

In this video, the GAD Pod’s Naomi Bailey interviews Stephanie Corsetti, News Journalist with SBS, and Rebecca Hersher, Science Reporter with NPR in Washington US.

This series of Lead-In sessions is the 2021 version of the Issues paper that preceded the Diversity in Disaster Conference. Wide-ranging, contemporary and compelling issues are covered. A zoom panel at the conference will allow delegates to ask questions.

The series begins and ends with the GAD Pod’s own research through our partnership with AIDR as we distribute their webinar on Family Violence in Recovery as the first session and LGBTI Issues in Disasters as the final session before the conference launch on May 4.

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