Models and algorithms for evacuation planning for wildfires (Wildfire Conference. Day 3 - Thursday Nov. 14th, 2019)

By Pau Costa Foundation on

2019 Wildfire Conference. Adressing the Challenges of Bushfire Management

Presentations Notes 2019: DAY 1 (Day 3 - Thursday Nov. 14th, 2019).

Models and algorithms for evacuation planning for wildfires.

Christian Artigues, Emmanuel Hebrard, Alain Quilliot, Peter J. Stuckey, Hélène Toussaint

We deal here, in the context of a H2020 project, with the design of evacuation plans in face of natural disasters: wildfire, flooding People and goods have to been transferred from endangered places to safe places. So we schedule evacuee moves along pre-computed paths while respecting arc capacities and deadlines. We model this scheduling problem as a kind of multi-mode Resource Constrained Project Scheduling problem (RCPSP) and handle it through network flow techniques.

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