A Multiobjective Stochastic Approach for Fire Management (Wildfire Conference. Day 3 - Thursday Nov. 14th, 2019)

By Pau Costa Foundation on

2019 Wildfire Conference. Adressing the Challenges of Bushfire Management

Presentations Notes 2019: DAY 1 (Day 3 - Thursday Nov. 14th, 2019).

A Multiobjective Stochastic Approach for Fire Management

Javier León, B. Vitoriano, Justo Puerto, John Hearne / Complutense University of Madrid (Spain), University of Seville (Spain), RMIT (Australia)


In the field of mathematical programming is usual the incorporation of multiple criteria as well as uncertainty on the parameters. Traditionally these problems are reduced to deterministic or singleobjective problems. Considering explicitly the uncertainty and the different criteria under the multiple scenarios of uncertainty leads to the Multiobjective Stochastic Problems (MSP). On the field of emergency management, such as fire emergencies, is especially relevant the inclusion of both aspects, as decisions protecting from risk are sought. On this work a new concept of solution and new methodology of approaching MSP problems is proposed, including risk-aversion, which can be applied to disasters and emergencies management. An example of such approach will be demonstrated in a model suggesting decisions on where to contain an active wildfire.

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