NetRiskWork: Task B; Deliverable 4 - Report on tools and best practices on risk planning and management for fire, storms, floods and avalanches

By Marcel_Guarque on

This report presents the methodology and achievement of the work carried out as part of Action B1 of the NET RISK WORK project. This first action of the project aims at identifying the best practices and operational tools for risk assessment and management. With the baseline of establishing a state of the art on best practices and operational tools for the upcoming actions of the projects, such as identifying crosscutting lessons learnt and providing a risk interaction assessment.

This report, fully open to the public and available online, explains the methodological approach developed to meet the following objectives:

(1) providing a template to collect best practices and operational tools in a standardized format;

(2) providing a general overview of the best practices or operational tools;

(3) allowing a classification of the cases to be easily searchable in a repository;

(4) allowing to compare best practices and tools.

The 41 cards collected by the partners are presented in a summarized version in the document while the complete version of each card can be downloaded online. A brief analysis of the best practices and tools collected is presented in the second part of the document in order to provide a wide view of the collected cases. The main cross-sectoral topics represented in the tools and best practices gathered by the partners are Risk vulnerability and assessment mitigation, Civil protection and post disaster management, and Community involvement and risk communication. Most of them are applied at local and regional scales.

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