NetRiskWork: Task B; Deliverable 5 - Minutes of the Risk Information Pre-Assessment Meeting

By Marcel_Guarque on

The main objective of the information pre-assessment preparation meeting was the organization of the information selected by each partner and risk to be able to define the knowledge status existing for each risk. Another core point was the initiation of the networking activities in the partners’ home regions:

The meeting aimed to provide room to discuss the contents of the ongoing task “identification of risk assessment and management operational tools and best practices” (Action B1) and to discuss the methodology of the further tasks, especially the “crosscutting lessons learned and risk interaction assessment towards improving disaster management cycle” (Task C).

The initiation and organization of regional nodes was another core topic of the meeting. The exchange between the project partners on chances and barriers while building regional networks should be discussed in the light of the experience with the existing network initiative in Germany (KoNeKKTiW).

The meeting also gave room for two half-day fieldtrips on storm and flood risks.

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