NetRiskWork: Task C; Deliverable 6 - Report on transverse risk assessment on wildfires, storms, floods and avalanches, and crosslink risk interactions in a climate change context

By Marcel_Guarque on

This report describes the outcomes from the lessons learned exchange among natural hazards risk reduction strategies - assessing what has been learned and what could be learned from other risks planning and management experiences – as well as crosslink natural hazards risks assessment with the interactions identified in the changing climate context affecting Europe. The document capitalizes contents and reflections figured out during the “Natural Hazards Risks Management” Workshops (deliverables nº 8 and nº 9), as well as the single risk and risks interaction and assessment matrix developed within the project (a total of 23 single risk and 26 risk interaction matrixes were conducted. They can be downloaded at the project web site, interaction tools section). 

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