NetRiskWork: Task C; Deliverable 9 - Proceedings of the 2nd Natural Hazard Risk Management Workshop

By Marcel_Guarque on

During last decades, natural risks knowledge has reach a high level of maturity and development. However, into the actual and future climate change scenario new challenges and gaps appears as the most relevant challenges to deal with risks and social wellbeing. While on one hand national and international scientific debate has developed a good theoretical framework with respect to the concepts of risk and disaster cycle, public policies and local practices presents limits that affects institutions but also the capacity and awareness of the local communities to respond effectively, efficiently and promptly to events.

The workshop wants to provide a meeting and discussion space on expert knowledge about wildfires, floods, storms and avalanches risks, with particular emphasis on emergency management, community involvement, risk communication and policy development, with the following specific objectives:

  • Identify main risks’ emergency management and reduction strategies challenges in a climate change context;
  • Explore how different risks are interacting and what can be used from lessons learned between regions and others risks’ best practices and operational tools;
  • Highlight the fundamentals for facing an inclusive risk cycle management under the Civil Protection objectives, enhancing preparedness and response of local governance systems and the community;
  • Promote networking and knowledge exchange on different natural hazards at European level.

Workshop agenda includes sessions with key note conferences as well as 3 discussion group sessions conducted by moderators to promote the exchange of knowledge among the audience. Final fieldtrips will serve to analyse the case of floods and wildfires risks in the region. 

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