New approach to Wildfire Urban Interface planning

By Pau Costa Foundation on

Session: Fire response

Presenters: Edgar Nebot / Claudi Gallardo (GRAF Area, Catalan Fire and Rescue Service)

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Catalan Fire and Rescue Service is the agency to solve the main emergencies in Catalonia


ABSTRACT: The aim of this work is to explain the approach of Bombers de la Generalitat de Catalunya in the planning of the urban-forest interface, from the different factors that influence this typology of emergencies. First, possible tools are developed to establish the risk of the buildings and the planning of this risk (Operational File of the Risk Elements, FOER). The following describes how the intervention in urban-forest interface fires develops from the point of view of lessons learned: the common denominator of these is to order the operations to avoid the collapse of the extinction system. Finally, the scope of the part of society's involvement in the conception of risk is described, whether for this type of emergency or for others. This last aspect is very important and should be highlighted: we must be able to explain to the population that risk 0 does not exist and that a large part of the remedy goes through prevention measures and education in emergencies of the population, to make them more resistant to them.

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