Preventing Wildfires: Interview With Pau Costa Foundation

By Roger Niubó on


We got used to news about wildfires erupting across the world. Global warming lead to situations when state authorities are often caught off guard as the extent of wildfires has been gradually increasing. When a calamity of this kind happens, one has to act immediately. But a better approach is to minimize wildfire risk preventing the worst scenario. Cutting edge technologies and data driven applications are likely to go a long way towards combating this issue. However, could we talk about preserving our nature without scientific exchange and sharing best practices? The answer is neither yes or no but how.
Today we have a pleasure to discuss this topic with Oriol Vilalta, general manager and co-founder of Pau Costa Foundation – an international platform on forest fire management, as well as an instrument to train firefighters or volunteers, investigate and disseminate information on fire ecology."

Interview by Evgeny Bazhan from Impakter Magazine

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