Recognizing Women Leaders in Fire Science:

By crismont_260 on

ABSTRACT: In August, 2018, an editorial in Fire entitled Recognizing Women Leaders in Fire Science was

published. This was intended to ignite a conversation into diversity in fire science by highlighting

several women leaders in fire research and development. This editorial was released alongside a

new Topical Collection in Fire called Diversity Leaders in Fire Science. The response on social media

was fantastic, leading to numerous recommendations of women leaders in fire science that had been

inadvertently missed in the first editorial. In this editorial, we acknowledge 145 women leaders in

fire science to promote diversity across our disciplines. Fire is continually committed to improving

diversity and inclusion in all aspects of the journal and welcomes perspectives, viewpoints, and

constructive criticisms to help advance that mission (Fire 2018, 1, 45; doi:10.3390/fire1030045)

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