Risk and Incident Modelling Services (D3.5)

By Pau Costa Foundation on

This deliverable provides the report of the implementation of the risk and incident modelling services carried out in task T3.2 Risk and Incident Modelling. The implementation has been carried out based on the specification and design of the services which can be found in deliverable D3.4 Risk and Incident Modelling Services Specification Report [1]. The mentioned deliverable provides a complete work description of the Task 3.2 including a description of the technical requirements, the specification of the services and of the interfaces with other PHAROS components. Therefore it is advisable to refer to this deliverable to have an overview of the complete work and the implementation of the services that is described in this document.

Hence, this deliverable focuses on the implementation work and the testing of the implemented functionalities of the Risk and Incident Modelling Services as well as on comparing the previous specification with the current implementation identifying, describing and explaining existing deviations according to the mentioned specification. Furthermore,  any additional details to the previous specification related with the implementation work are also described in this document.

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