Special Session: Could Indigenous Rangers Save Tasmania's Wilderness?, Chair: Timothy Neale  (Wildfire Conference. Day 1 - Tuesday Nov. 12th, 2019)

By Pau Costa Foundation on

2019 Wildfire Conference Adressing the Challenges of Bushfire Management

Presentations Notes 2019: DAY 1 (Tuesday Nov. 12th, 2019).

Could Indigenous Rangers Save Tasmania's Wilderness?

Transdisciplinary pathways for collaboration with Indigenous peoples

Chair: Timothy Neale


Both Indigenous and non-indigenous researchers and practitioners broadly agree that the removal of traditional fire management practices from our surrounds is leading to more impactful fires, often in regions where the population is very vulnerable. This is a challenge in Australia and elsewhere in the world. Indigenous communities, fire management agencies and fire researchers also often agree that greater engagement and partnership with Indigenous peoples in fire management could reduce residual bushfire risks, including downstream ecological and social benefits for the local population. However, existing approaches have been undermined by limited understandings of Indigenous peoples’ rights and interests, and there are clear obstacles to quantifying cultural, ecologic and social values of traditional fire management within mainstream risk management systems. The special session will discuss the values that are included in current risk management systems, and also the opportunities for quantifying and including values Indigenous peoples and Indigenous communities that could rise from transdisciplinary work with researchers and land managers.

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