Special Session: Forest Fire Risk Reduction. Opportunities for International Cooperation (Wildfire Conference. Day 2 - Wednesday Nov. 13th, 2019).

By Pau Costa Foundation on

2019 Wildfire Conference. Adressing the Challenges of Bushfire Management

Presentations Notes 2019: DAY 1 (Day 2 - Wednesday Nov. 13th, 2019).

Forest Fire Risk Reduction. Opportunities for International Cooperation.

Chair: Nicolas Faivre

Panel: Jonas Rupp, Bruce Wilson, Anand Veeraswamy, John Handmer.


The conference aims to bring together researchers and bushfire experts from Australia and Europe to discuss about innovative solutions to support bushfire management. Topics include stochastic risk mapping, efficient methods for bushfire prevention and mitigation, models for initial attack, efficient evacuations, tools for end users and more. One of the main goals of the GEO-SAFE Wildfire Conference is to foster cooperation among disciplines of fire management, ecology, social sciences, mathematics and computer sciences.

At the beginning of the conference, DG Research & Innovation is co-organising with Pau Costa Foundation and RMIT a session focusing on strengthening international cooperation on wildfire risk management. The session will be articulated around the recently published Horizon 2020 call for proposals: Forest Fires risk reduction: towards an integrated fire management approach in the E.U. The session will contribute to identify opportunities that require more collaboration on forest fire risk management across continents (e.g. integrated forest fire risk management) and to encourage non-EU research institutions to apply to the call.

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