Taking the lead for inclusion

By Marcel_Guarque on

In this memo we have focused on the concept of inclusion, one of the key foundations of an ecosystem that organizations must implement if they are to be successful with their diversity initiatives. We define inclusion as the mindsets and processes that ensure all colleagues feel they belong, are treated fairly, and can be successful as their true selves. As part of our effort, we conducted a survey among the Women’s Forum 2019 global meeting participants, alongside qualitative interviews with 15 international organizations across a variety of sectors.

Based on our analysis, we see that mature organizations in terms of gender diversity start to embrace broader diversity and inclusion topics: — They adopt a wide definition of diversity for the scope of their transformation to include not only gender, but also ethnicity, sexual identity and orientation, religion, disability, and variety in educational background and experience. — To achieve a truly diverse culture, they have embarked on an inclusiveness journey embracing the three dimensions of openness, equality, and belonging.

Such transformations require time and sustained effort but are necessary to address the diversity challenges. In particular, for gender diversity, women’s perception of the level of inclusiveness within an organization has a clear and direct impact on their career progression. Embedding inclusive behaviors, while also working on systems and processes, can help organizations make a quantum leap toward true diversity. Introduction Women Matter Taking the lead for inclusion 5

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