Technical Specification of the Service Interface and Description of the Delivered Products - Final (D3.10)

By Pau Costa Foundation on

This document provides a report of the work carried out in Task 3.4 Earth Observation (EO) Data Access and Processing. It presents the technical specification of the EO service interface and the description of the delivered products to be implemented in the short time approach of the PHAROS project.

The objective of this document is the identification of the EO technical requirements, the description of the interfaces and the delivered products related to the Task 3.1 (Information Fusion and Situation Assessment), Task 3.2 (Risk and Incident Modelling) and Task 3.3 (Decision Support). The technical requirements described in this document are required to comply with the user and system requirements described in Deliverable D2.4 (First Issue) [5] and D2.5 (Second Issue) [6]. The requirements are grouped into functional, interfacing and non-functional requirements. In the interface specification section the connection to other tasks in the work package is shown. The interface to distribute the EO Services provides direct data access through standardised OGC/INSPIRE interfaces. The last chapter describes the delivered products and the theoretical background about the derivation of the thematic products like active fire spots. The main focus is the provision of an operational fire service processing chain to generate fire hot spots in near real time as well as additional thematic products and maps. Appropriate to the objectives of this task the near real time hot spot service will be extended with additional functional features and improvements of the technical implementation to provide OGC/INSPIRE defined products. The established metadata were described to provide OGC/INSPIRE standards.

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