Time to accelerate: ten years of insights into gender diversity

By Marcel_Guarque on

As this report shows, women continue to make up less than 40 percent of the global labour force, and only 25 percent of management positions globally – while at the same time being responsible for 75 percent of unpaid care work. As many countries have experienced over the last several decades, the economic opportunity in getting more women involved in the workforce is staggering – our McKinsey Global Institute estimates that it could create up to $12 trillion in additional GDP globally. At the micro level, we continue to find a strong positive correlation between the representation of women in leadership roles and the financial performance of businesses.
We know that moving the needle on this issue is not easy – and that despite the commitment of many organizations, progress has been slow. In this report, we highlight the many barriers to women’s advancement that will have to be addressed to achieve more gender-equal businesses and societies. We do so with a dose of humility, as we are on our own journey toward increasing representation of women at McKinsey, and have more work to do ourselves to achieve our own goals of a gender balanced workforce.
We hope this report makes the case that achieving gender parity in our organizations and societies is not just "the right thing to do," but will make our world a better place for both men and women over the long term.

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