On web app suporting the localisation of firebreaks (Wildfire Conference. Day 1 - Tuesday Nov. 12th, 2019)

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2019 Wildfire Conference Adressing the Challenges of Bushfire Management

Presentations Notes 2019: DAY 1 (Tuesday Nov. 12th, 2019).

On web app suporting the localisation of firebreaks

(Gabriele Di Stefano, Pierpaolo Vittorini University of L’Aquila - ITALY)


Firefighting is the set of activities aiming at preventing and extinguishing unwanted fires. In terms of prevention activities, one of the actions that are commonly taken is the construction of firebreaks.

Fire breaks are areas in which all the vegetation and organic matter are completely removed. They are designed and built for denying a fire of feeding further with any combustible material and prevent the fire to extend towards populated areas and important buildings. However, even if through the creation of firebreaks it is possible to avoid the propagation of fire between adjacent areas, it is impossible to create fire-fighting lines every where, since their construction have an economic, ecological landescape impact.

Within the scope of the GEO-SAFE EU Project, the paper describes a prototype of a web-based application able to support stakeholders in the task of finding the location of firebreaks within a territory, by also calculating the total cost of their installation and evaluating the risk that a fire can reach valuable areas (e.g., with people, assets, or vegetation).



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