Wildfire Around

By Giacomo Sbaragli on

Link to the documentary.

The project, produced by VAB Toscana, in collaboration with Cesvot, Regione Toscana and D.R.E.Am. Italy, under the patronage of the Municipality of Prato, tells about the complex system of forest fire fighting in this region.

Through the interviews with people linked both to the world of volunteering and professionals in the sector, involved in the active fight against the prevention, coordination and reclamation of forest fires, the short documentary analyzes the huge amount of work needed to avert these disasters, to make us understand how important it is to respect the environment in which we live.

Director: Simone Ducci
Music and sound engineer: Edwin Lucchesi
Aerial footage: Fabio Mazzoni

With: Ilaria Mercaldo, Tommaso Mannini, Claudio Bonanno, Filippo Cenci, Riccardo Farnetani, Luca Tonarelli.


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