3rd International Conference on Fire Behaviour and Risk (ICFBR2021)

By Núria Prat

10 March 2022 to 13 March 2022
International perspective on wildland fires

The 3rd International Conference on Fire Behaviour and Risk (ICFBR2021) will be held in Alghero (Sardinia, Italy) from 10 to 13 May 2022. The conference will also include a Special Session on Remote Sensing and Fires, under the patronage of EARSEL’s Special Interest Group on Forest Fires. The Conference aims to involve scientists, researchers and policy makers whose activities are focused on different aspects of fires and their impacts.

The main objectives of the Conference are to:

  • Advance knowledge on interactions, relationships, feedbacks, and cascading effects of fire on environment and society
  • Encourage discussion and sharing on fire modelling and monitoring, adaptation and mitigation strategies, and sustainable management
  • Foster constructive and interdisciplinary dialogue between scientists, stakeholders, and policy makers
  • Promote international cooperation
Climate change and wildfire risk
Fire behaviour patterns and fire typologies
Fire ignition and spread models
Fire impacts assessment (soil, biodiversity, water supply, carbon stocks and others)
Fire service needs and emergency management