By Marcel_Guarque

20 April 2020 to 24 April 2020
Seguridad en Incendios Forestales

The symposium will be an international nexus of research, management and policy with a target audience of: governmental air quality regulators; land managers and fire practitioners; research and extension communities; air quality and fire weather forecasting communities; and climate change researchers.

A virtual/hybrid conference will be incorporated as we did at the first ISS and ISS2, as well as a second location added. This allows us to expand our attendance and include individuals who cannot travel to the symposium. This will also allow integration of an online learning component, which will support active connection with our audience year-round. Remote participants will be able to view the presentations live and interact with the presenter, the onsite participants and other remote participants—with the assistance of a facilitator. We anticipate a great response from past attendees as well as a new audience.

Climate change and wildfire risk
Fire service needs and emergency management
Perception, culture of risk and communication