8th International Fire Ecology and Management Congress

By Pau Costa Foundation

18 November 2019 to 22 November 2019
Fire ecology and management

The 8th International Fire Ecology and Management Congress will redefine the ecological concept of pyrodiversity to explore cross-cutting issues across a variety of disciplines. The complexity of wildland fire requires partners to consider diverse perspectives and disciplines at multiple scales to develop strategies for living in fire-dominated landscapes. We welcome managers, practitioners, scientists, policy makers, and community members to join us. Our conference will engage participants in presentations, workshops, field trips, fire circle discussions, and networking. Diverse fire topics will include:

– Ecology
– Conservation
– Ecosystem Services
– Human Dimensions and Social Systems
– Climate Change
– Managing Fire for Multiple Objectives
– Landscape-level Fire Management
– Traditional Ecological Knowledge
– Cultural and Historical Resources
– Burned Area Rehabilitation
– Organizational Diversity
– Risk Management
– Wildland Urban Interface
– Technological Innovations
– Resilience
– Fire Regimes
– Fuels Management
– Fire Behavior
– Restoration
– Adaptive Management

The Association for Fire Ecology is excited to be hosting this event with the Southwest Fire Science Consortium in Tucson, Arizona. Presentations will feature the latest in research results, applications, case studies, and lessons learned, and special sessions will be designed to unify science and application and to create opportunities for interdisciplinary learning. In addition, fire circle discussions will allow small groups to focus on key topics and learn from one another. Our plenary sessions will include the popular Fire AFEx Talks, which are engaging presentations (think TED or TEDx talks) that will focus on the conference theme and integrate multiple topics. We’ll start the week with pre-conference workshops to provide training opportunities for building and applying new skills, and the Congress will conclude on Friday with field trips that demonstrate how the concepts discussed at the conference are being applied in the Southwest.

Look for the Call for Proposals in early January 2019!

Climate change and wildfire risk
Fire service needs and emergency management
Fuel management (biomass, SFM, mosaic landscape)
Wildland urban interface