EMC Melbourne 2020

By Marcel_Guarque

6 October 2020 to 7 October 2020
Seguridad en Incendios Forestales

Better than ever
After one of our biggest and best EMCs ever in 2019, the organising committee is already working on another first-class program for this year’s conference. It will be our 20th EMC conference and the theme is:

‘Evolution or Revolution?’

Over the last 20 years, the Emergency Management sector has evolved in many ways. Are we satisfied with our progress or are we going around in circles? EMC 2020 will question how we have adapted and innovated over this period.

More important than ever
This is where Victoria’s emergency management sector will meet to discuss and dissect everything that has occurred this year.

Emergencies over the last six months have shown again that learning lessons, planning and communicating effectively during emergencies is critical to the preservation of life, property and communities. Whatever the outcomes, it is vital that the emergency management sector continually reviews and assesses its effectiveness. What worked well, and what didn’t quite hit the mark? What did we learn, and how can we all respond and engage even better in the future?

Fire service needs and emergency management
Perception, culture of risk and communication
Risk assessment and planning
Risk governance