EURAF 2020

By Roger Niubó

17 May 2021 to 19 May 2021
Sustainable Forest Management

"The EURAF 2020 conference pursues EURAF’s aim to promote the adoption of agroforestry practices across Europe. Starting from the traditional agroforestry systems of southern Europe, in particular the Mediterranean agrosilvopastoral systems well represented by Sardinian agroenvironment, the conference intends: to boost agroforestry knowledge exchange among European researchers; to facilitate technical discussion with extension practicioners, farmers and professional categories regarding the relationships between trees/woods and crops/livestock and the need to insert/mantain trees on farm; to open up a more effective dialogue on agroforestry issues with policy makers at local, national and international level. In this respect, all the efforts will be made to involve representants of DG AGRI in Bruxelles, in the event.

In the overall framework of EURAF 2020, in order to highlilght the agroecological role of agroforestry in the development of rural areas, we put forward some topics which could become the titles of the conference sessions, once they will be discussed, evaluated and possibly approved by the conference scientific committee."

Such topics could be

» Climate change (adaptation and mitigation)
» Agroforestry innovations
» New agroforestry systems for Europe
» Enhancing ecosystem services provision by agroforestry systems
» Managing Mediterranean agro-silvopastoral systems
» Forest grazing and wildfire prevention
» Agroforestry and wildlife conservation
» Agroforestry and healthy/quality food products
» Certification
» Policy
» Education and dissemination
» Farmers testimony
» Agroforestry and the landscape
» Agroforestry and rural tourism
Below, a shortlist of suggested conference preliminary titles to be discussed with EURAF Executive Committee, is reported:
» “Agroforestry: the beauty of complexity”
» “Agroforestry: back to the future”
» “Agroforestry: producing goods, providing services, designing the landscape”
» “Agroforestry for food and wood security and for the landscape”

Climate change and wildfire risk
Perception, culture of risk and communication
Risk assessment and planning
Risk governance