Gender Justice in Disaster: Inspiring Action

By Núria Prat

6 May 2021 to 27 May 2021
Gender equity and equality in wildfires

The ‘Gender Justice in Disaster: Inspiring Action conference will bring a gender lens to critical issues of contemporary emergency. It will inspire action at the intersect of gender and sustainable Aboriginal land management, climate change activism, discrimination against LGBTIQA+ people, the representation of women in leadership, violence against women, and more.

This international conference is located in Australia, a country known as the climate change canary. Building on the successful National Conference ‘Diversity in Disaster’ held in Melbourne in April 2018, this conference presents international experts and promises unique insights from gender and emergency management in Australia that are applicable to emergency management in other countries. This virtual event offers registration to delegates from across the globe.


Participants will hear from more than 30 researchers, policy makers and people with lived experience from across Australia, New Zealand, and a number of other countries. The eight-days of conference programming.

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Perception, culture of risk and communication
Risk governance