International Meeting on Large Forest Fires in Europe. The Safe Expo 2019

By Pau Costa Foundation

16 May 2019 to 18 May 2019
Seguridad en Incendios Forestales

9th International meeting Great forest fires - A new challenge to Europe

The Safe Expo 2019 is a European Conference on Security, Prevention and Education against Disasters. 

It brings together great experts, teachers, masters and representatives of institutions from around 40 countries, including from Europe, North and Latin America and Japan. The specialists are from areas that are transversal to the great challenges of the future. For this first edition, we have an exhibition space with 8,000 m2 dedicated to the industry and associated entities of this area of intervention.

Simultaneously and throughout the day, several initiatives are taking place: an area reserved for the FEU 01/19 Meeting, and a series of Conferences dedicated to five major themes and an interactive stage where ideas, products and projects encourage us to think about the future.

On May 18, the ‘International Meeting on Large Forest Fires in Europe’ will be held. This is integrated in the IX New Paradigms of Civil Protection and co-organised in partnership between the PAFO Portuguese Association of Fire Officers and FEU European Federation of Associations of Fire Officers along with several other entities and partners.

The official presentation of three other major international events that will take place on national territory is scheduled for May 18 and to conclude the activities, there will be the presentation and signing of the Portuguese version of the European initiative ‘Safe Hotel’.

Climate change and wildfire risk
Fire behaviour patterns and fire typologies
Fire service needs and emergency management
Fuel management (biomass, SFM, mosaic landscape)
Wildland urban interface