The International Wildfire Prevention Workshop

By Pau Costa Foundation

8 September 2021 to 9 September 2021

FREE for The International Wildfire Prevention Workshop and remains open until 6pm EDT Tuesday September 7th.  Currently there are over 200 people who have signed up for this virtual inaugural workshop. Attend the workshop on September 8 and 9 and learn how to: engage target audiences in virtual and in-person environments; use the ‘three Es and A’ of wildfire prevention to plan successful programs; and build relationships with other prevention professionals who share your passion for making a difference. Social Scientists, engineers, law enforcement officers, Department of Energy personnel, “Cohesive Strategy” regional coordinators and communication specialists from the Ad Council, Quebec Fire Prevention Society, and federal and state agencies will share their expertise.   No translation options this year, but hope to include next year.

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Fire behaviour patterns and fire typologies