By Pau Costa Foundation

1 March 2021
Wildfire awareness


Due to the restrictions with the current situation, the WG3 meeting  will be held online to allow collaborators to participate.

10:00-10:15. Joining of participants to the online meeting room.

10:15-10:30. Welcome address by WG3 leader prof. Irena Atanassova.

10:30-11:00. Anna Brook and Lea Wittenberg. Erodibility as a tool to assess the effect of ash-soil laminar structure on hydraulic properties and infiltration timescales.

11:00-11:15. Brief discussion.

11:15-11:45. Saskia Keesstra. SDGs and wildfires: the role of soils in sustainable fire management.

11:45-12:00. Brief discussion.

12:00-12:30. Stefan H Doerr. Predicting and mitigating fire impacts on soil and water quality following the Australian 2019/2020 wildfires: insights from Sydney’s largest water supply catchment.

12:30-12:45. Brief discussion.

12:45-13:45. Lunch time.

13:45-14:15. Nurit Shtober-Zisu and Lea Wittenberg. Long-term effects of wildfire on rock weathering and soil stoniness in the Mediterranean landscapes.

14:15-14:30.  Brief discussion.

14:30-15:00.  Heike Knicker. Recent advances on fire effects on SOM.

15:00-15:15.  Brief discussion.

15:15-15:45.  General discussion with all participants.

15:45-16:15. Artemi Cerdà. Challenges and proposals for the future meetings of the WG.

 16:15-16:30. Closure of the meeting by the WG3 leader prof. Irena Atanassova.